Nights into Dreams.. (Not a Fanfic)
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Nights into Dreams.. (Not a Fanfic)

The same dream he dreams every night... A dream of his significant other blooms in his mind. Shun stirs in his sleep and awakens; he vaguely remembers his dream. "Who is this that I'm seeing in my mind?" Shun thinks to himself, laying his head back on his pillow. "I've never actually seen her other than in my dreams.. But maybe.." A small smile spreads over his face, a warm feeling spreads throught his heart. Maybe, his dreams were visions of the future? It didn't seem possible to him, but the thought that it could be made him happy. Slowly he drifts back to sleep, into his dream world..

That next day came and ended, Shun followed his usual path home. A strange urge to stray from the normal came over him as he decided to follow another path home, a more scenic route. The route that passes by the lake, a beautiful sight bathed in the moonlight with cherry blossoms spread around it. Shun decided to have a rest under a cherry blossom to have a look at the scenery, when he spots something just a few feet away. A figure seemed to be fighting off three other people, the figure pinned against two of the trees. Shun walks over to where the figures are and stands just behind a cherry blossom. "Come on now girlie.. We just want something to eat is all.." A limey voice says as Shun approaches. A girl.. An oddly familiar looking girl presses her back against the trees, trying to find a way to escape. "I've already told you creeps.. I haven't any money! Just leave me be.." She says, quivering slightly. "Creeps eh? I dont like the mouth on this one.." Says another voice. They advance on her, but as they do one of them lets out a yelp and collapses. The other two look from each other then behind them. "Whats this?" They say, eyeing Shun there, "So you wanna be a big hero huh? Come to save the day have you?" A short bit of laughter from the two as the look at Shun, who is holding his hand behind his back, a serious look on his face. "Not a talker huh?" A thug pipes up. "Let's ge..!" He stops, eyes bulging from his head. A handle of a wooden sword buries itself within the thug's stomach. Shun pulls the sword back and swiftly connects his foot to the thug's face, knocking him backwards into the lake. The third thug, scared out of his wits, runs off at the mere glance from Shun. The girl looks at Shun for a second then eases herself from the cherry blossoms. The wind blows petals from the cherry blossoms around them as she approaches Shun. "Thank you.. I.. you didn't have to do that for me.." She says, holding her hands to her heart. "Its no problem," Shun says softly, "I had a small feeling that I had already done that before.." The girl smiles and holds her hand out for the wooden sword at Shun's side. "Really now? You know.. I had an odd feeling someone that looks.." She looks into his eyes, "..Exactly like you would come save me.. My name is Kat.." The name rings a bell in Shun's mind, a warm feeling washes over him. "My name is Shun.. It feels as though we've met before.." Kat smiles, and feels the same warm feeling Shun feels "Yeah.." She says, coming closer to him, "..As if it were a dream.." She kisses Shun, petals stir up and swirl around them as they kiss. They seem to glow in the moonlight, swirling and dancing just over Shun and Kat's head. "It may sound weird.. But I've had a dream.. and it went exactly as this is going now.." Shun confesses, blushing a small bit. "As have I.." Kat says into his lips. They kiss again, holding each other tight as the sun begins to rise, knowing now that dreams can come true.

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RE: Nights into Dreams.. (Not a Fanfic)

=D awww... so sweet... must

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