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Group Fanfic: Yet to be named >.>;
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Group Fanfic: Yet to be named >.>;

This is a fanfic that I'm writing and bascially I've just chucked, three of my friends and me + four anime guys into a random world, which causes complete and utter chaos for them XD
Four girls and four guys, each from a different world/place, find themselves stranded together in a world none of them has ever seen before. Not only that but at random moments they get transported to another world just as they've gotten used to the one they're in. They must learn to cooperate and trust each other, or die.
Storm'd POV
Storm wandered along the edge of the beach, watching the sunset.
"One year to go till I come of age then I can find my parents," she smiled to herself at the thought of finally being able to see them again.
She sat on the sand.
"As much as I wish I wasn't stuck on this island, I love the peacefulness it possesses. Though I wish the people were more fun, I reckon they love being stuck in routine," she said to herself.
Then a thought hit her and she burst out laughing, "The only person I can talk is myself! If I traveled elsewhere people would think I'm crazy! Well I'd best return to the village otherwise they'll accuse me of trying witchery or something silly like that."
She shook her head and stood up, brushing the sand off her clothes. Then she noticed a small strange marble-sized ball of blue light that seemed like it was floating on the water nearest the shore. Curious, Storm approached it and when it seemed like nothing was happening she picked it up. As soon as she did it occurred to her how strange it was that she could hold it yet it weighed nothing and she could pass her hand through it. Shrugging she placed it in her jacket pocket and headed back to the village.
Saltine's POV
Saltine walked back and forth along the ships deck pissed off.
Why cant people do anything right!? she complained, I always have to do everything, dont they realize it uses up my valuable ME time! They wouldnt even be decent pirates if it werent for me, yet do they do anything for me or give me anything? But noooooo, its always Saltine can you help over here? its a wonder I dont throw them all overboard!
Takashi's POV
The piercing scream was silenced by a sliver flash as the weapon sliced through its victim. As his body fell to the ground in a bloodied heap, a pair of onyx eyes surveyed its surroundings for more enemies. The owner of the blade smirked. Pathetic little village, led by a pathetic Lord a sharp female voice said as she wiped crimson liquid off the blade of her katana with the robe of her latest victim. Straightening up, she gazed into the distance at the slowly rising sun. Well, cant linger for too long, the stench of the rotting corpses will attract attention. A click was heard as she slipped the blade back into its sheath, and with a flash, she was gone.
5 Minutes later
Just visible in the forest clearing, bathed in morning sunlight, a silhouette bent over the crystal clear river water. The faint colour of red washed off her arms as she gently scrubbed the sins of yet another assassination from her body.
Those bastards back at that terrorist group better pay me well, this was a complete waste of time' The black haired teen thought as she strapped her katana back on her back. A faint glint caught her eye. Her hand immediately flew to her weapons pouch as she resumed a battle pose.
So those idiotic guards sent reinforcements, not bad wait a second
For what she thought was the glint of a weapon, turned out to be a small shiny globe sitting snugly in the overgrown grass. Her heartbeat slowed to a normal pace as she edged towards to cautiously. The faint angelic violet light it emitted caused her to narrow her eyes in suspicion. Slowly, she reached out and in one swift movement, snatched the sphere from the grass.
What the hell is this?'
The small round ball felt so light as it rested in the palm of her hand. Finally convincing herself that it wasnt dangerous, she slipped it into her pocket and sped off into the forest.
This could be worth something, Im sure someone out there is willing to buy a supernatural super lightweight purple ball But if there is someone out there, Id be hard pressed to find em

-----------Skipping to when they're all transported and meet---------------

Nobody's POV
Eight people, four guys and four girls fell from the sky and landed in a pile on the grass.
"Ow! What the heck just happened?" one girl (Storm) asked.
She tried to get up then realised that she was wedged in between a pile of seven other people. There were three other girls, one with a pirate hat and shoulder length brown hair and amber-coloured eyes; another with crimson hair and honey-coloured eyes and one with straight black hair and black eyes. Then there were four guys, one with orange hair and green eyes; one with black hair and black eyes; another with blonde hair and blue eyes and then there was the guy above her, with two-toned gray-blue hair and auburn eyes and he two blue triangles on each side of his face "Get off me!!!"
With that said there were a bunch of 'ows' and 'what the hells' as the eight disentangled themselves.
"Who the hell are you folks?" asked the girl who was fixing her pirate hat and raising an eyebrow.
"That's what we all wanted to ask," the others replied.
"Well then, The girl stood up, To lead the crowd, I am Artemesia Minerva Saltine," she stated, looking proud and up herself, the rest looked at her weirdly, "Just speak to me by Saltine."
"Hiya Saltine I'm Storm," a girl with shortish brown hair and green eyes said smiling.
"I'm Kuri," the girl with crimson hair said.
"I am Takashi," the girl with black hair murmured quietly, glaring at the others as if they were the reason she was stuck in this weird situation.
"My name is Sasuke Uchiha," the guy with black hair said.
"I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I'm going to be the next Hokage!" the blonde guy said enthusiastically.
That was answered with an array of six blank faces, Sasuke banging his head against the nearest tree and then Storm asking, "What's a hokage?"
Hok-car-goge? Saltine mumbled, trying to pronounce this weird new word to herself. Naruto gets a sweat drop from her failed attempt.
"Uhhhh I think the Hokage is the strongest ninja in the village," Naruto replied, unsure.
Ho-Kage. A combination of the words Fire and Shadow. Generally, the person in question is one of great importance. Recited Takashi.
Not bad, the human encyclopedia is interesting Thought Sasuke.
"Okay I'm Kyo by the way," the orange-head said.
"Hn. I'm Kai Hiwatari," the guy with the triangles said.
They all stood there looking at each other at a loss of what to do.
"Do you guys know how you got here?" Storm piped up; curiously, "All I remember is a marble-like globe, it was glowing blue, I picked up on the beach a few days ago."
"I found something similar to that, but it was pink," Kuri replied.
"Mine was yellow," Naruto stated.
"It was a magnificent green suited for me," Saltine said.
"Mine was orange," Kyo replied.
"Purple," Takashi stated, quietly.
"White," Sasuke said.
"Red, but I don't see what it has to do with anything," Kai said.
Everyone was silent for a few moments.
Dumbass muttered Takashi, shaking her head with a sigh.
"It could be that it was only when we all had found them that they actually sent us here," Kuri guessed.
"Maybe. Because I carried my around with me for almost a week," Storm said.
Without warning all eight globes began glowing and there was a flash. They landed with a thump in the middle of a crowded street that was in absolute chaos.
Will leave it there. Tell me what you think of it so far :D

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05-24-2007 08:31 AM

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RE: Group Fanfic: Yet to be named >.>;

wow, very long, but i like it

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05-24-2007 11:03 AM
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RE: Group Fanfic: Yet to be named >.>;

Could be better. Could have me in it. :P

05-25-2007 10:08 AM
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RE: Group Fanfic: Yet to be named >.>;

I can't wait to read your part... still in the middle of writing mine =P!!

05-27-2007 10:09 AM
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RE: Group Fanfic: Yet to be named >.>;

Everyone was silent for a few moments.
Dumbass muttered Takashi, shaking her head with a sigh

haha, my Favourite line..

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06-03-2007 01:22 PM
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RE: Group Fanfic: Yet to be named &gt;.&gt;;

Now for the second part of the fic so far! =D Hope you like!

------------- Story Start ~Part 2~ -------------
"Taaaahhh, what is this place!?" Saltine snapped suddenly, jumping to her feet in surprise and eyeing the people walking by them.
"We're in the middle of a crowded street," Naruto stated.
"No sh*t Sherlock..." she grumbled sarcastically, It doesnt take a lookout jumping up and down on ya to figure that one out.
They stood silent for a moment to take that strange proverb to make sense to everyone.
"I think what Saltine is trying to ask is what is the name of the place we have landed in," Kuri said.
A loud shout was heard and the group turned to see someone running towards holding a bag that looked as if it were about to burst its seams and behind him there were at least thirty policemen/women. The man that was being chased tripped just as he reached the group, realising that he wasn't going to get away he tossed the bag at Takashi who automatically caught it without thinking and ran off down a nearby alley.
"Uh... Takashi I think-" Kyo was cut off as the group of policemen/women converged on the group and before any of them knew it they were all hand cuffed and being held by a policeman/woman.
"I am Constable Tom Joans. You have been caught red-handed with the stolen goods and will now be taken to the police station for questioning," the constable stated.
"But Sir we were simp-" Storm started but was cut off by the constable.
"Anything you say may and will be used against you in the Court of Justice. Proceed to the station without further resistance," Constable Joans said, recoiling slightly at the double death glare from Sasuke and Takashi.
Grudgingly the eight walked to the corner station, which had a large sign above it saying 'Police Force of the Parallel Worlds: Capturing Criminals that Travel Through the Realms'. They glanced at it strangely before they were pushed roughly through the doors and placed in a large cell.
"The Chief will be with you momentarily," he said as the cell door closed behind him.
The lock clicked, indicating they were now locked in. They sat there silently for a few moments.
"Now what are we going to do? We're stuck in this blasted place!" Kyo snarled, he punched the door, leaving an imprint of his fist.
"Getting angry won't help," Kuri said, trying to calm Kyo down whilst still seeming to be unfazed by all that had occurred.
"I don't need some girl mothering me!!!" he stated angrily then turned to the rest of the group, "Well what are we going to do!?"
Kuri glared at him and stalked to the other side of the cell.
Shut up Kyo, your nearly as bad as that Idiot in the orange jumpsuit... Drawled Sasuke.
WHO! WHICH IDIOT IN AN ORANGE JUMPSUIT!?!? Yelled Naruto excitedly.
Trying, yet failing, to remain calm, Saltine turned to Takashi who was surveying the encounter with mild interest.
So... what do we do? She said with a forced smile on her face as she shot Naruto an icy glare.
"Foremost, remaining calm and accessing the situation at hand, then devising a suitable solution," Takashi said, she slowly walked around the room then turned to the door and studied the lock, "This lock is simple to pick and if we time it right we can escape. Also with all eight of us it would be easy enough to pry away the bricks and create a whole in the wall, also enabling us to escape."
Everyone looked at her amazed. Suddenly finding herself the centre of attention she turned away.
"Wow, I didn't know you could talk that much Tashi," Sasuke said.
Her eyes narrowed, "Don't call me Tashi, my name is Ta-ka-shi," she emphasised each syllable in her name, she then turned and joined Kuri on the other side of the cell.
Sasuke shrugged and returned to studying the lock and seeing if it really was as easy to pick as Takashi said it was. The room turned strangely silent again and Storm shifted uncomfortably feeling she had to say something.
"Well... we can at least be thankful that they didn't take our packs," she stated, breaking the silence.
"Hn. And what use exactly is extra food going to be? Or perhaps you have all your spare clothes and makeup and the little things you girls always seem to need," Kai sneered.
Storm glared at him, "Actually Triangles Boy I have ropes as well as some arrows and a bow in my pack!"
"And that's going to help us how?" he stated, smirking arrogantly.
Storm, trembling with anger gave him a final death glare and went over to join Kuri and Takashi.
"Well this is going well isn't it?!" Saltine confirmed in a strange happy exasperated way, "Guess I, myself, am going to search out a way to escape from this lousy prison!
"Oh yes and the voice of a measly thief is really going to change something, why don't you let the next Hokage do the work," Naruto said.
"MEASLY THEIF!?!! She yelled out loud, I am a PIRATE! I dont hang around some alleyway waiting to pickpocket the next person who comes trotting by, I sail the dangerous seas and go on adventures, robbing anyone who tries to stand in my way! She shouted furiously, Don't lug me in with those insignificant, nothing better to do bamboozes!!!"
"They both steal so they're the same," Naruto replied, shrugging.
And with that said, Saltine shook her head at Naruto, as if she disapproved of him, and walked over to join the other girls. The cell was now divided into a girls' side and a boys' side.
Naruto, Saltine, Kyo and Kuri
"Those girls are really, really touchy!" Naruto grumbled.
"Yeah, we can't say anything without them blowing up," Kyo fumed.
"Dont you think we can hear your petty little mumblings over there?! Saltine snapped.
"You should speak for yourself Kyo!!!" Kuri growled.
It was silent for a few more minutes then Naruto muttered to Kyo, "Told you so..."
Sasuke's Thoughts
'I have to agree with the idiot for once, those girls explode at anything. Tashi especially gets annoyed when I call her Tashi'
Sasuke smirked.
'I am definitely going to keep calling her that, it will make for some very interesting conversations...but I gotta admit... her glare rivals the patented Uchiha Glare... gee... if looks could kill, Id be in hell already...'
Takashi's Thoughts
'URGH! That Sasuke I want to rip his god-damned spine out, how dare he calls me Tashi!'
Takashi made a growling sound in her throat. Then she noticed Sasuke smirking at her. She shot a glare at him capable of scaring a medium sized mammal to death.
'nuts, he can survive death glare number 7... impressive... death glares aside... That, that, that darn smirk! I hate it I hate it I hate it!!! He has got to be the most annoying guy on the face of this planet!!! I just cant wait to rip his guts out.... Ah... that would be nice....'
Storm & Kai Thoughts as well as Conversation/Arguing
Storm glared at Kai slowly getting more and more vexed at his arrogant smirk.
"Hn Storm, can't keep your eyes off me can you," he taunted smirking his lazy, arrogant smirk.
"Why the heck would I want to look at you!?" she snapped continuing to glare.
Kai just continued to smirk, seemingly oblivious to her death glare.
Storm (silently fuming) 'Ooooooo if I could just wipe that damn smirk of his face and take him down a peg or two!'
Kai (watching Storm fume whilst inside laughing his head off in a very un-Kai-like manner. Also sorta talking to Dranzer) 'Hehe, Storm is so easy to infuriate. At least I know I won't get bored.'
Dranzer 'Master Kai you are a very devilish human.'
K 'Why thank you Dranzer, you do know I take an extreme pride in that'
D 'Yes and I almost feel sorry for Storm considering you've chosen her as your victim out of the seven you could have chosen from'
K 'Ah, well she's just the lucky one that gets to be talked to by as good-looking a guy as me'
D 'Tsk tsk, your ego just won't stop growing will it?'
K 'A 'nope' pretty much sums that up'
D 'Thought so...'
The Girls
Having decided to put a stalemate between themselves and their collective male; the girls had grouped themselves into a tight circle so as no boy could eavesdrop on their conversation.
"Well to get out of this little situation we'll unfortunately need to work as a whole group with the guys," Storm stated.
"Unfortunate luck, but these imprisonments are more advanced than what Ive dealt with before" Saltine replied, sighing.
"Uh-huh," Kuri stated.
"Agreed," Takashi added.
They were silent for a few moments then Storm spoke up again, "We'll need to devise a truce, but its going to be difficult in that we'll probably have to make a deal with them... so who's going to do the dealing?"
"I am firmly opposed to the idea of myself negotiating with those males positioned adjacent to our position, in particular the knuckle-headed smart-ass arrogant individual by the name of Uchiha Sasuke..." Takashi stated vehemently.
Everyone else just stared.
"I think everyone shares the same feelings about dealing with the guys," Kuri said.
"I say the perfect thing to do is draw straws, Saltine suggested, Ive got some in my pockets readily marked and good to begin.
"Why are you carrying straws with you?" Storm asked curiously.
Fights make their way into my crew. It also saves pointless arguing on who gets to fight first, she replied, taking the straws out of her pocket. She took off her hat, placed the straws in it and held it high. She shook it, "Now we draw, ladies."
They each put their hand in the hat and pulled out a straw...
The Guys
"What do you reckon the girls are doing?" Kyo asked, voicing the question all of them were thinking.
"It looks like they're drawing straws," Naruto observed.
"No duh! We want to know why though. Any ideas?" Sasuke said.
"Hn, it looks like we're about to find out," Kai said.
The girls approached them.
"We want to make a truce, but there has to be a few decisions and rules to the truce, so chose one of you to discuss with one of us," they stated.
"Not me," all the guys said at once.
Ha. Thought this would be the case. Ive got a number of straws, draw them from within my hat and whoever picks the one marked with a black cross will be the spokesman for the guys. Saltine explained, mixing them in her hat and holding it up high, Now reach in and convene with your fate! She leered, looking over to Storm.
The girls then walked back over to their side of the cell. The guys looked at each other then shrugged, there was nothing to lose, so they each put a hand into the hat and drew out their straw...
Back to Normal
Storm and Kai faced each other.
"So you drew the marked straw as well huh?" Storm stated.
"Obviously," Kai said snorting, "Seems we're both unlucky."
"So what are the details of this 'truce' you girls have cooked up?"
"Basically if the group is in some sort of trouble, such as now, we all agree not to fight with each other but with our common enemy, in this case the police. Also no more ******ing about each other, at least to each other's faces," Storm explained, "Fair?"
"Seems fair enough, though I have to say the last part will be a tad difficult for all of us," Kai replied.
Storm nodded in agreement, then added, "So its a truce?"
"Its a truce," Kai stated.
They shook hands and their separate groups combined in the middle of the cell.
"So, is it time to escape or shall I take a nap?" Saltine asked grinning.
"Its time to get out of here" they all replied.
So are you best at picking locks? Kuri asked Saltine who was lying about lazily.
Me? I pick locks with keys no duuh, not with hairpins or other random objects, so I cant help in that area. She replied.
"Then that'd definitely be me," Takashi replied.
"Okay then, Tashi you'll do the lock, Kyo once she has opened the door you check that there's no guards outside and if there is knock them out," Sasuke said.
Takashi narrowed her eyes and her hand twitched towards her weapons pouch at being called Tashi but remembered with a pang of disappointment at the truce that was agreed upon, and said nothing as she began to pick the lock. There was a click indicating it that it had opened. The cell door slowly creaked open as they all peeked out the door, searching for signs of a guard. There seemed to be one sitting in a chair a few cells down, but he hadn't yet noticed them.
"Kyo, its your turn," Kuri whispered.
He nodded and he slipped out the door and walked towards the guard.
"Hey! Hey you what are you doing out of your cell?" the guard demanded, getting up out of his chair.
"What does it look like, we're making a jail break," Kyo replied, as he punched the guy in the face, making a sickening crunch, then shouted back, "All clear now."
They moved towards the doorway that led to the front of the police station. Then they heard a group of voices approaching the door from the other side.
"Eight teenagers, caught red-handed with the stolen items, they're in their cell ready to see you," a voice the recognised as Constable Joans'.
"Oh dear, more teenage lawbreakers. Their number keeps rising, I often wonder if it will ever stop," the second voice replied.
The said teenagers glanced at each other.
"Were innocent at that. Stupid officer, needs to put his brain into actual usage." Saltine hissed quietly, not trying to yell and lose their cover now.
"Well time to get out of here, on three we'll run through the doors, don't stop just keep running straight ahead. They'll be hard put to catch a group of eight teenagers charging towards them," Storm said, the rest nodded, "One... Two... Three! GO! GO! GO!"
They sprinted through the double doors, startling all the people in the room and then running out the door and onto the street.
"Those are the teenagers! They've escaped! AFTER THEM!!!" the constable shouted.
Saltine skidded to a halt for a moment and took a large rock out of her pocket. She threw it at the constables head, making him flinch as it grazed his cheek. "Take that you stupid man in arms! Ha ha!" She laughed, sticking her tongue out at him.
"Come on Saltine!" Naruto yelled, grabbing her arm and dragging her to catch up with the rest.
Like a cat, Takashi leaped up and aimed two kicks at the two guards flanking the constable. Smirking as she watched them fall to the ground out cold, she ran after the others, but not before she slipped a leather pouch into her weapons pouch. "That Ill come in handy... (btw... its money in the pouch)
HURRY UP TASHI! yelled an annoyingly familiar voice.
They made their way through the criss-crossing streets till they reached what seemed to be the outskirts of town. They halted and looked around them; the police were no where in sight.
"So what do we do now?" Takashi asked.
"No idea. Though I can guess for certain that there'll be wanted posters of us around the city in a matter of hours," Kuri replied.
Yay! Wanted posters! Saltine said with a tinge of excitement. Naruto sweat dropped at her different reaction to the others.
"At least we're out of that damn jail cell," Kyo stated.
"I say we start heading towards the next town, through the woods, and hopefully those globes will move us to another world before we're caught again," Sasuke said, ignoring the Takashi Death Glare No. 6.
Everyone nodded in agreement and together the eight entered the forest, hoping that by some chance they'll get through this alive.
Yay to the end of the second installment of the fic!!!!!! Opinions please!

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dare to fly, dare to be the ever chosen one to touch the
07-29-2007 12:30 PM
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