Death By the Unknown
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Death By the Unknown

The wind blows softly, on this darkest of evenings. A child wakes up from dreaming and wonders.. Could the monster be real? Is there a such thing? He uneasily feels under the bed, trying to find anything. Something touches his hand, something wet, yet.. gritty at the same time. The child whips his hand back and lets out a small scream. His father, opens the door and looks onto the child, seeing him cowering in fear against the headboard. "Whats the matter, son?" The father asks gingerly. A shuffling sound is heard under the floorboards of the room, causing the child to utter a small shriek. He looks at his hand, to see that it is now bleeding somehow, and he also notices a prickling along his back.. The child jumps into his dads arms, now crying lightly. "I.. I dreamed it A..again d..daddy.. It.. it's going to get me.." The child cries, the prickling growing worse and higher, twoards his neck. "Dont worry son.. I've..!" The father stops, mouth gaping open. A huge spider-like leg begins to emerge through the back of his head, and out his mouth, spurting blood from it. The child screams at the sight of this, and scrambles to the floor, under the bed. Blood from the father's head oozes to the floor, coating the floor in a crimson pool of blood. He ambles to the bed and falls with a heavy thud, splashing his own blood in the face of his son. The poor child screams his lungs out and hits his head against the bottom of the bed. The prickling continues, but now, it feels as though as it was inside him, feeling his organs, and altering his body. A sudden movement yanks the child's head back suddenly, pulling the child from under the bed and to the other end of the room. This unknown force presses itself against the child, and crushes his lungs in the process. A last cough brings up blood and lung fluids, and brings the unseen force to a cruel laugh. It steals from the room into the night, giving others the prickly feeling as it goes along, waiting for the next unsuspecting victims..

Kuragari Ryo

I wanna fly high, so I can reach the highest of all the heavens. Sombody will be.. waiting for me so, I've got to fly higher..
04-10-2007 11:51 AM
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RE: Death By the Unknown

*shivers* wow... scarey... *looks behind her* why did you let me read that when it was dark... *runs to put the light on*

05-11-2007 08:59 PM
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