Fear From the Dark..
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Fear From the Dark..

The child looks up and sees a small light within the folds of the darkness. He takes another look and the light fades away to a small point. Assuming it futile to chase the light, he sits, surrounded by darkness. The silence of the area begins to tear into his mind, crawl through his skin and penetrate his very soul, chilling him from the inside out. He begins to hear what he thinks is a voice in his head, a sharp scratchy voice that made the child tremble. "Forgotten? Lost your way?" The voice seemed to say, hightening the boy's fear. "Don't be afraid.. Your fear is what feeds me.." The child heard this one clear. He begins to sweat, frantically he looks around, peering into the limitless dark. There is no possible way to see anything, the child realizes, and begins to panic. Slowly, he begins to lose feeling in his left leg.. He reaches down to touch it and feels nothing but cold air. "You see?" A cold laugh looses an audible gasp from within the child. "I prey.. on your despair.. Your fears.." The words seem to echo through the darkness. The child falls backwards, and begins to feel around for his missing leg again. Expecting to feel flesh, he felt the ground in its place, and a slight moisture on the ground.. This moisture gave him the sense that it was his own blood. The child's breathing begins to pick up as he grips his other leg... to find that its no longer there. The voice begins to laugh cruelly. "Thats right... You're all alone, nobody cares about you. Everyone you have ever cared for is gone now." The child begins to see visions.. His brother, strewn across the ground, bones poking through his skin. The child closes his eyes and tries to look away but continue to see... His sister, viciously thrown against a wall; a person with a meat hook rips her eyes from her face. The child, driven close to insanity, balls up his fist and begins trying to beat himself, hoping that it would stop. The visions continue.. The father, lying facedown on the ground with a knife in his back, flesh rotting away as he burns.. Now the child, throat sore from screaming, mind tired from fright, had given in. The final vision- the child's mother, with a large hatchet deep within her face, brain and blood oozing forth was enough to force the child to cry his last breaths away, never to be seen again.

Kuragari Ryo
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04-10-2007 12:05 PM
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RE: Fear From the Dark..

oh my god... *shivers*... how do you come up with this stuff kura...?

05-11-2007 09:05 PM
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