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Away and back
Hehe, I was away but now I'm back =P
kibsy is away... but she has full access to this account so if i say something un locky like she has signed in this account... tell me if she does shes already done so on aa and i still can't figure out how you change your sig or password yet but when i do... well idk i'll think of something
*gasps* You don't know how to change your password!? For CS you go to User CP, which you will find at beneath the banner at the top of the screen and scroll down and click the link that says 'Change Password'.
As for how you change your password on AA click on your username after you've logged in and then you should be able to find the change password part on that page.
haha didn'you know locky was an idiot XD
Ok everyone as most of you know this is my last week for term 3 and it means i shall be away for 2 weeks but that doesn't mean no-one shouldn't come on. I wanta see CS as active as ever when i get back, my trusty assisstant snowy shall more than likely update me on how everything is going, good ol snowza.

Well anyway just letting everyone know.

I also will be thinking of new ideas for CS so when i get back if i can be bothered to think CS will be changing a little, some ideas have already been done thanks to the help of Storms
I'm back, and guess what i got lazy like always and forgot to think of stuff, ehhhhhh
Welcome back Scorpz *rolls eyes* And typical you to be lazy.
thanks storms, this is kinda disappointing, you went to america and still able to come on, where is everyone else (we need more members, how do we GET THEM????)
I'm gonna get my friends Mat and An to join if that helps... and kibs i ain't no idiot =P

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