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High School RP
teeheeeheee, some shop across town......
*stares at fake ID...goes into to a daze* mmmm beer
"A fake ID, now that opens possiblities." *Storm stated smirking*
[sorry i havent been on much Dx]
-shrugs and wonders where everyone is while drinking a bottle of beer at the back of the bar-
ewwwwww beer X_X *goes into some random shop, mmmmmm chocolate galore, I think i'll just walk over here, you guys have fun there cause this place looks boring >,>
*Storm laughed and grabbed the back of Mat's shirt* "You're coming in with the rest of us." *she stated smirking*
"Haha, you're such a scaredy-cat Mat, get some backbone, I mean you're what? How much older than the rest of us?" *Storm stated, shaking her head in amazement* "I think its three years, am I right? An 18-year-old has less backbone than a what's this world coming to?"

((OC: damn she can be mean O.o why am I such a mean character? Maybe I should make her nicer.....))
i am 19 *runs off jokinly crying* Mwahahaha, now to escape to the shadows

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