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3 years o_o
It seems as inactive as it has been that Crystal Scorpion has been around for 3 years. Although most of us had forgotten we shall still celebrate it
Wooooah. 3 years ago... wow that makes me feel old. XP
Woooow 3 years? Its been that long? =O I remember when it was first made x3 ahhh Computing classes me and 'nevi' spent most of our time trying to see who could be the one that had last posted in all the threads in the chat section xD
XD. Well right now I have edited certain parts of CS and there is 2 admins and 1 assistant admins
Woohoo to still being an admin xD
Lol. You'll probably always be an admin for CS due to the fact you've been one for so long, You helped out with that spamming situation x_x, and you're trustworthy and reliable unlike some people >_> XD
Yay me x3 Oh god that spamming situation x__x XD or maybe I just still have no life/am stuck in the memories of Yr 10 so this place means a lot to me xD

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